Best Tabletop Radio Reviews

Updated December 27, 2021

Listening to the radio is still a great way to pass time, whether you’re cleaning up in the kitchen or puttering in the garage, so having a good quality radio is a great addition to your home.

The best tabletop radio will let you listen to your favorite local station, and some will also give you access to internet radio, let you listen to music from a streaming service, or connect to an external device to play music.

When choosing a desktop radio, some people prefer the retro look, bringing back the days when radio was the top choice and everybody had a clock radio in their kitchen and bedroom.

Some want simply an FM radio capacity while others want specific features that provide more options.

Let’s look at our choice of home radios, and then the important considerations so that you choose the best tabletop radio for your needs.

See Our Best Table Radios

1 Sangean - WR-2 AM _ FM-RBDS Wooden Cabinet Digital Tuning Radio Sangean WR-2 Wooden Tabletop Digital Radio
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2 Tivoli - Audio Model One Bluetooth AM_FM Radio Tivoli Model One Bluetooth AM/FM Tabletop Radio
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3 Como Audio - Solo Wireless Music System with Internet Radio Como Audio Solo Wireless Tabletop Radio
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4 REVO - SuperSystem Multi-Format Premium Radio
Best Overall
REVO SuperSystem Premium Tabletop Radio
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Best For Low Budgets
5Sangean WR-11SE AM/FM Table Radio
Sangean - WR-11SE AM_FM Table Top Radio
Best For Low Budgets
Sangean WR-11SE AM/FM Table Radio
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6 Revo - SuperConnect Wireless Music System
Best For Higher Budgets
Revo SuperConnect Wireless Cabinet Radio
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1. Sangean WR-2 Wooden Tabletop Digital Radio

  • AM and FM radio
  • Clock and alarm, and you can set the alarm to your favorite station or a buzzer
  • External AM antenna terminal

The digital tuning system of this AM/FM radio provides a standard digital radio, along with a Radio Data System (RDS) that displays short text messages on applicable FM stations.

It also supports the Enhanced Other Network (EON) and (where available) its traffic information.

The large LCD display is easy to read, and you can choose 10 memory preset stations – five FM stations and five AM stations.

There’s also a clock, an alarm that allows you to wake to a buzzer or the radio, and a sleep and snooze timer. If it’s in the bedroom, you’ll appreciate the dimmable display with three settings.

Control it all with the full-featured infrared remote control.

The unit boasts good sound quality thanks to an acoustically tuned enclosure combined with an enhanced frequency response speaker.

Adjust to your liking with bass and treble controls. If you want, there’s also an external AM antenna terminal. In an emergency, the battery backup will play the radio for six minutes.


AM and FM
Battery Life:
Backup system will run the radio for six minutes in an outage


  • 10 preset stations, 5 for FM and 5 for AM
  • Battery backup will play the radio in a power failure, great for emergencies
  • Special enclosure provides excellent sound in a small system
  • Comes with a remote


  • To play external devices, need to connect via the auxiliary input jack
  • Need to plug in headphones

2. Tivoli Model One Bluetooth AM/FM Tabletop Radio

  • AM/FM radio
  • Large tuning dial provides sensitive tuning to your favorite station
  • High quality audio

This easy-to-use radio is ready to plug in and play. A large tuning dial delivers sensitive tuning capacity so you can get to your favorite AM or FM station.

An amber tuning light lets you know when you’ve found a station.

You can also connect to your phone, computer or tablet via Bluetooth, allowing you to stream your own tunes to the radio. You can also connect via an auxiliary-in port.

Dials on the front are easy to use, with a tuning dial, a volume dial, and a switch that changes the radio from AM to FM to AUX/Bluetooth.

The single mono speaker delivers decent sound reproduction and the Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum results in low-to-no noise interference with other wireless devices.

The wood cabinet also creates an excellent acoustic housing. Radio has a black ash housing and silver face.


AM/FM and Bluetooth capability


  • Built-in Bluetooth to stream from another device
  • Technology known as Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) limits interference with other wireless devices
  • Option to connect via auxiliary in port


  • Single speaker
  • Mono sound

3. Como Audio Solo Wireless Tabletop Radio

  • Walnut and black finish
  • FM Radio also has Bluetooth and Wi-fi capability
  • USB port to connect external devices, or use it to charge your phone

This radio will give you the retro look of an old radio with the technology to use it for so much more.

Listen to FM radio – in fact, a preset button on the front lets you turn on the unit and your favorite station will start playing immediately.

Run the radio the “old-fashioned” way with the included remote control, or with Como Control, the full-featured app for iOS and Android that lets you run the unit from another room.

Besides FM radio, you can connect other devices with Bluetooth streaming, a USB input, Wi-Fi connectivity, and Spotify Connect built into the unit, or by streaming other Internet radio options.

You can also save other sources to the preset buttons, letting you turn on and go immediately to Spotify Connect, the Auxiliary source, or whatever you choose.

The thin-film-transistor display shows artist and song information and album art.


FM, Bluetooth, Wi-fi capability
Battery Type:
2 AAA batteries required for the remote


  • Use the preset button for one-touch playing of your favorite station
  • Includes Spotify Connect, so you can stream music without connecting to an external device
  • Can connect to Amazon DOT and get Alexa to run the device
  • Comes with a remote control


  • No AM radio capacity
  • May be more features that you need, if you simply want a radio

4. REVO SuperSystem Premium Tabletop Radio

  • Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB), DAB+ and FM reception
  • Internet radio with access to over 24,000 stations around the world
  • Bluetooth capability
Best Overall
REVO - SuperSystem Multi-Format Premium Radio

This tabletop radio has Digital Audio Broadcasting and FM with RDS reception, as well as Internet radio with the ability to connect via Wi-fi or wired LAN connectivity.

Access digital radio or internet radio with over 24,000 stations from around the world.

Connect your smartphone, tablet or computer using the Bluetooth with aptX capability. The radio also comes with Spotify Connect so you can stream using that service.

The unit also has UNDOK technology, which allows you to stream from the radio to other compatible devices in your home.

This is controlled with an app that’s compatible with iOS or Android devices.

Finally, you can play music off a thumb drive with the USB port that can also be used to charge phones and other devices.

Enjoy the classic look of the all-wood cabinet and detailed graphical OLED display.


FM, Internet radio, Bluetooth and internet connectivity


  • Internet capacity with both Wi-fi and wired connectivity
  • USB port to play music from a thumb drive, or use it as a charger
  • UNDOK functionality lets you stream to other devices


  • Not everyone will like the silver grille style of the front of the radio
  • There are a lot of buttons on the front, which may be overwhelming to some users

5. Sangean WR-11SE AM/FM Table Radio

  • AM/FM radio
  • Classic, retro look with wooden cabinet and old-school radio dial
  • FM Antenna port
Best For Low Budgets
Sangean - WR-11SE AM_FM Table Top Radio

The classic look of this tabletop radio will bring back the old days, while delivering new-age sound. It features an acoustically tuned wooden cabinet with a three-inch speaker.

It’s easy to use with just three knobs – one to turn on and switch between AM and FM, one for volume, and one for tuning.

Forego the digital display in favor of this traditional tuning display, with the dial moving the indicator across the numbers.

An LED indicator lets you know when you’re on the selected band. Connect an external audio source via the auxiliary input jack.

There are also AC-In, DC-In, REC-out, headphone and FM F type antenna terminals. Simple, elegant and retro.


AM and FM
1-year limited


  • Easy to use
  • Headphone jack
  • Auxiliary input jack to plug in MP3 player


  • Very basic AM/FM, no bells and whistles like internet radio
  • Any connection is wired

6. Revo SuperConnect Wireless Cabinet Radio

  • Digital Audio Broadcasting and FM with RDS radio
  • Comes with Spotify Connect
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
Best For Higher Budgets
Revo - SuperConnect Wireless Music System

This tabletop radio offers Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB), DAB+ and FM radio with RDS capability.

You also get Internet radio with Wi-Fi connectivity and over 16,000 stations.

It also comes loaded with Spotify Connect to allow you to stream that service and access its library.

The radio also connects with DLNA and WLAN technology to allow for wireless audio playback from external computers and music servers, or via Bluetooth with aptX Technology to connect to your phone or tablet.

An all-wood American Walnut cabinet is complemented with a detailed graphical OLED display.


FM, internet radio, Bluetooth and Wi-FI connectivity


  • Connect to external devices like a smartphone with Bluetooth capability
  • Listen to Internet radio and over 16,000 stations
  • DLNA Audio Streaming from PCs and Macs


  • Somewhat taller than other tabletop radios
  • Extra bells and whistles come with extra cost

Table Top Radio Buying Guide


With so many options for listening to music, it may seem hard to consider a tabletop radio as a good investment. 

Not so! 

Home radios bring together a classic design that actually looks good on the counter, with a sound that makes them worth listening to, whether that’s in the kitchen or the workshop.

Portable vs Tabletop

Just to clarify, our desktop radios are intended for use in different rooms, but they are not really a portable radio. 

If you’re looking for something to take camping, for instance, these may not be the first choice. 

But if you want a tabletop radio that can be used in the kitchen, and then moved to the garage, and back, then follow our guide to find a countertop radio that’s right for you.


Don’t think that an am/fm radio is a thing of the past. 

Whether you like the local talk radio station or you want a radio that will work when the internet goes down, a desktop radio is an ideal source of listening to music, news and more.

Here are some of the features to consider in a countertop radio.

AM/FM Radio

Not every tabletop radio has both AM and FM functionality. 

Some have both, and some have FM only. Decide what’s important before you make your choice.


Another decision is whether you want to expand your ability to listen to music beyond your local radio stations. 

If you choose a bluetooth radio, then you can stream music from a smartphone, tablet or computer. 

That expands your choices to include music you have saved on your device, or streaming music services that play via an app on your phone, for instance. 

Some of our choices come with a streaming service like Spotify Connect included on the radio, so you don’t need to connect to a device to listen to its library. 

Internet Radio

Similar to bluetooth, you can also choose a tabletop radio with internet capability. 

You don’t necessarily have to choose a high end radio to get this functionality, either. 

Some have internet radio features so that you can choose from thousands of stations around the world. 

Watch for this feature if this is what interests you in a tabletop radio.

Auxiliary Input

Another option for connecting external devices is through an auxiliary input jack. Some of our picks include this ability. 

Some have a headphone jack, too. 

USB Input

A few tabletop radios have a USB port. This means you can listen to music saved on an external thumb drive. 

As a bonus, the USB port also serves as a charger for your smartphone or other device. 

These different inputs are either “nice to have,” or depending on the user, a “must have.”

Digital Tuning

Some tabletop radios have digital tuning, while others have a dial and old-school tuning indicator, where the dial runs across the numbers and a light comes on when you’ve tuned to a station. 

It’s up to you what you prefer.

Quality & Reception

The focus of the best tabletop radio is still on radio reception, so these options all provide high quality radio. 

Whether you choose one that’s FM only or AM/FM, they will give you good signal reception. 

Some also have  Digital Audio Broadcasting and some have FM with Radio Data System. 

A few of the choices also have internet radio, opening the door to thousands of radio stations from all over the world.

Size & Design

Most of the tabletop radios we looked at feature a retro design while still being stylish. 

Most of them are a wooden radio, which is an acoustically sound cabinet for providing good sound while also looking good on the countertop. 

If size is important to you, watch for a small table radio that will fit in your kitchen cubby or on a shelf in the garage. 

Radio Stations

You’ll have the choice of radios with AM and FM radio stations, those with just FM, and those that also provide internet radio, so that you can listen to thousands of radio stations from across the planet. 

It’s up to you how many radio stations you want to access on your best tabletop radio.

Pricing Range

The best tabletop radio will still be less expensive than a large, expensive stereo. 

But you don’t have to spend a lot to get quality sound and the features you want. 

Like anything, the more you want, the more you’ll spend, so decide what’s important and what your budget range will be before you make your selection.

Our Verdict

A countertop radio is not a dinosaur from the past.

Home radios are convenient, because they can fit nicely in any room and move easily around the house, from room to room and even outside.

They also pack great sound into a small system.

A desktop radio will play your favorite local FM station, or lets you listen to internet radio, or stream a music service from your phone, or plug in a thumb drive of music.

Most of the countertop radios we looked at also feature a classic design that looks great in any room, and an easy to use format that lets you run them while you cook or tinker with the car.

The best tabletop radio will have the features you want, and our guide will help you pick the top one for your needs.