Best Clock Radio Reviews

Updated February 9, 2021

We may be living in a world of smartphones, laptops, and computer technology, but there is still a need and nostalgia for the humble bedside clock radio.

From your traditional radios that display a simple interface dictating the time to the more elaborate Bluetooth and wireless models, there are so many choices when it comes to finding the ideal clock radio.

Whether you’re buying it for the musical radio qualities or the ability to set accurate time, there are tonnes of different models to choose from.

If you are willing to spend those extra few dollars, you’ll also be able to get your hands on an ultra-modern device that blows your traditional bedside clock out the water.

Let’s take a look at the best clock radios on the market and find the perfect one to wake up to.

See Our Best Clock Radios

1 iHome - iBT29BC Bluetooth Dual Alarm Clock Radio
Best For Higher Budgets
iHome iBT29BC Bluetooth Dual Alarm Clock Radio
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2 Sony - ICFC1PJ Alarm Clock Radio Sony ICFC1PJ Alarm Clock Radio
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3 i-Box - Bedside Radio Alarm Clock
Best Overall
i-Box Bedside Radio Alarm Clock
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4 Sangean - RCR-22 Atomic Clock Radio Sangean RCR-22 Atomic Clock Radio
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5 Emerson - SmartSet Alarm Clock Radio Emerson SmartSet Alarm Clock Radio
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Best For Low Budgets
6USCCE Digital Alarm Clock Radio
USCCE - Digital Alarm Clock Radio
Best For Low Budgets
USCCE Digital Alarm Clock Radio
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1. iHome iBT29BC Bluetooth Dual Alarm Clock Radio

  • Wirelessly stream from iPhone or other devices.
  • Built-in microphone.
  • Echo-cancelling technology.
  • Color changing ability.
Best For Higher Budgets
iHome - iBT29BC Bluetooth Dual Alarm Clock Radio

If you are looking for a clock radio that has all the hallmarks of a state-of-the-art device, then the iHome iBT29BC is the one for you.

This all-around piece of technology incorporates many features that make it much more than just an alarm clock and makes it one of the best radio alarm clocks on the market.

As well as keeping the time, the iHome iBT29BC enables users to play their own music through mobile devices, complete with echo-canceling technology.

If radio is your thing, there is a built-in FM radio with six-station preset memory.

The overall best feature of the iHome iBT29BC is the ability to personalize the overall look and color scheme.

Change the color of the clock to suit your mood or change when the alarm goes off in the morning.


Battery Type:
1 CR2
Battery Life:
1 year


  • Dual alarm settings.
  • Aux-jack to play your own device.
  • Top-quality.
  • Can personalize.


  • Higher price tag.

2. Sony ICFC1PJ Alarm Clock Radio

  • Projector projects time at any angle.
  • Five different nature sounds for alarms.
  • USB port for charging other devices.
  • Programmable sleep timer.

Coming from such a well-regarded make such as Sony, you know you are in safe hands with the Sony ICFC1PJ.

With a connecting projector, you are able to project the time onto the wall or ceiling, ideal for those middle of the night time checks.

Choose from a range of alarm sounds, from traditional alarms to the far more natural nature sounds.

The added features include a USB for charging your own device and an automatic daylight savings time adjustment.

The large visible screen is perfect for those who wish to simply glance at the time and the combination of both battery and mains power means you will never run out of power.


Battery Type:
1 x CR123A
Battery Life:
1 year
1 year


  • Automatic daylight savings time adjustment.
  • Sleek design.
  • Battery and mains power.
  • Large visible screen.


  • Can’t play music through the connected USB.

3. i-Box Bedside Radio Alarm Clock

  • Wireless charging point.
  • Dual alarm functions.
  • Stream music wirelessly from your phone.
  • Soft-touch materials.
Best Overall
i-Box - Bedside Radio Alarm Clock

Combining the sleekness of design with the practicality of use, the i-Box Bedside Radio Alarm Clock is arguably one of the best alarm clock radios on the market.

Along with the practical features of a radio and bedside clock, this device also allows you to wirelessly charge other devices such as your cell phone.

Dual alarm functions help you set the alarm of your choice and the wireless connection also allows you to stream music from your mobile device.

The overall stylish look of the clock is increased with the slick materials and fabric-like materials that surround the clock.

A five-level dimmer also allows the user to choose the overall brightness, depending on the mood or time of day.


Battery Type:
1 x CR123A
Battery Life:
1 year
1 year


  • Stylish fabric surrounding look.
  • Room filling sound.
  • Five-level dimmer.
  • 10 FM presets.


  • Higher price.

4. Sangean RCR-22 Atomic Clock Radio

  • Atomic controlled clock.
  • Easy to Read LCD Display.
  • Adjustable backlight.
  • Aux input.

The Sangean Atomic Clock Radio is one the most accurate set clocks on the market, running off a reputation that you set the time once and then you’ll never have to again.

This, combined with the overall modern look, gives the Sangean RCR-22 a space-age feel that fits alongside the most modern of household items.

The easy to read LCD display also adds another smart look to the clock, and with an adjustable backlight, you can set the brightness to whatever level you wish.

Connect your mobile device or extra speaker via the aux lead function.

The high-quality design makes the Sangean RCR-22 one of the markets best, meaning this may be the last alarm clock you ever buy.


10 plus
Battery Type:
1 x CR123A
Battery Life:
2 years
12 months


  • High-quality design.
  • Tabletop anti-slip feet.
  • Adjustable Sleep and Naptime.


  • Can be bulky.

5. Emerson SmartSet Alarm Clock Radio

  • V4. Bluetooth.
  • USB mobile charging.
  • 20 station memories.
  • Easy-to-read, 1.4” Cyan LED clock.

The Emerson SmartSet Alarm uses award-winning patented smart technology to provide another of the most modern alarms on the market.

Using enhanced V4 Bluetooth connectivity users are able to connect their headphones and cell phones to the clock and link up their favorite music or listen to the radio.

A USB port also allows you to charge your device through the alarm clock, ideal for when you have limited plug sockets. Choose between several dimming settings, curating the light to the overall feel of your room.

With 20 preset channels, you can flick through your favorite radio stations with a simple touch of a button.


Battery Type:
1 x CR123A
Battery Life:
2 years


  • Dimmer control.
  • Award-winning technology.
  • Automatically sets the clock time.


  • Can be overly loud.

6. USCCE Digital Alarm Clock Radio

  • Fully dimmable display.
  • Woodgrain look.
  • Customizable sounds.
  • Up to 40 stations.
Best For Low Budgets
USCCE - Digital Alarm Clock Radio

The USCCE Digital Alarm Clock Radio encapsulates everything that is likable about a clock radio, without the high price tag and unneeded features.

With a dimmable, LED display and an endless stream of customizable sounds, you can really make the radio clock your own.

With one of the lowest price tags, there is great value for your money with the USCCE Digital Alarm Clock Radio.

The wood grain look that covers the clock is unlike any others and fits in with the smartest or most casual interior designs.

Simply connect your phone or another device through the two USB ports to elevate your alarm clock into something more, this also allows you to charge your device – all through one power source.


Battery Life:
10 months
12 months


  • Great value for money.
  • Fits in with modern and realtor rooms.
  • USB connectivity.


  • Batteries not included.

Clock Radio Buying Guide


Just like most electronic devices, there can be huge differences in the quality of the product, depending on a number of different factors. 

These can be something as simple as the make of the clock radio, the materials it is made from, and other factors such as features.

A good clock radio will, of course, incorporate a top functioning clock, alarm, and radio signal. 

Some of these radio clocks will be purely FM and AM, while other modern designs will usually use a digital radio.


A clock radio will not only tell the time as a traditional clock would, or connect you to a radio show, as a traditional radio would, but includes a wide range of features. 

These features will depend on the type of device you have and what they offer.

From LED displays and WIFI connectivity to Bluetooth and subtle features such as dimmable lights, the variation in features can be extensive in clock radios.

The number of features a clock radio has can also affect the price of the device, with clocks that have multiple features costing far more than those whose features are limited.   


As is the case with many clock radios, they are often placed at the side of the user’s beds and act as an alarm for waking up. 

A dual alarm clock radio incorporates an alarm clock with an FM or digital radio allowing you to combine all older devices into one.

This alarm feature often allows users to choose between a series of alarms. Whether this is the old tried and tested beeping alarm or an alarm linked to a radio, the choice is down to you. 

USB Connectivity

Although there are many clock radios that are powered by batteries, having a clock radio with USB will enable users to power their clock radios with a USB connection.

This connection can be connected to plugs, similar to that of a cell phone. 

Having a clock radio with USB also allows you to replace the charger fairly easily, with an easy to plug-in USB. 

The universal USB means that you don’t need to purchase any specific charger to keep your clock radio running. 


As with many modern devices on the market today, being able to connect to the internet through WIFI has almost become a modern necessity – the same is true for the clock radio.

WIFI clock radios wirelessly connect to the internet via WIFI and instantly open themselves up to a range of other features.

This includes being able to connect to radio stations all over the world, download variable sounds, and all other possibilities the internet provides.


Similar to the Wi-Fi possibilities, having Bluetooth connectivity allows the device to have more connections with other devices. 

Connecting your phone to the clock radio will allow you to link phone set alarms with the device and also connect your own alarm sounds.

Some clocks will also have the ability to charge via a Bluetooth signal. This wireless charging technology is in its infancy when it comes to radio clocks, yet is still available.


There is a fine line between being able to see the lit up time on your clock radio and being so distracted by the light on your bedside table, that you can not sleep. 

Having a dimmable clock radio is an ideal way of balancing the two of these.

The dimmable feature allows users to wind between a bright lit time display, a nonexistent light, and everything in between. 

This feature is sometimes aided by a simple press of a button or a scrolling dimming switch.

LED Display

Most modern clock radios use an LED display to give the overall time display far more detail than a normal display and that sharper appearance. 

Although having this LED display may cost a little more, buying a clock radio with an LED display will make all the difference, both to the quality of the display and the user’s ability to see that time clearer.

Size & Design

Clock radios come in all shapes, sizes, and in an array of designs.

Deciding what is the best sized clock often depends on your own personal preferences, your own style, and the room it will occupy.

A small clock radio is ideal if you are looking for something that is inconspicuous and fits all kinds of environments. 

Some models can be as small as a few inches, not much larger than a normal wristwatch – usually, these are square-shaped so they can easily stand.

Larger clock watches provide far more features than their small counterparts and have a much larger set of numbers.

These usually come in two different design types, cubed and spherical. 

The cubed design allows easier handling on the clock and can fit into a myriad of shelves and cupboard designs.

The spherical design clock radios are far sleeker and add a little more to a room in terms of interior design. 

The spherical clocks are also designed with far smarter features than the usual clock radio.             

Battery Operated

Although many of the top-rated clock radios will come complete with a charging port and added charging lead, there is also the added feature for a battery backup. 

This means if your power supply was to go in the night, you know your alarm will still go off.

Many of the digital clock radios will use AA batteries or AAA batteries and battery life can vary depending on the model of the clock.

If the radio clock has both batteries and a power supply, the use of batteries will last far longer, as they will not be solely relied upon for power.  

Sound Quality

Alarm clock radio reviews across the board will agree that clock radios are not ever going to challenge your sound systems or usual radio, yet their quality can be relied upon. 

The size of the speakers and brand can also make a huge difference in the quality of sound you receive.

The shape of the overall device can also change the quality of sound.

If it is a cube-like design, the sound can be output far easier than if it is produced from a spherical device.  

Pricing Range

The pricing range for clock radios can vary hugely, depending on the type of design, the available features, and the overall quality. 

AM FM clock radio reviews show that a decent clock radio can cost as little as $15-20, though this may come with far fewer features compared to a high-end alarm clock radio. 

At the other end of the price scale, far more high-end clock radios can cost as much as $50-55. 

These higher-priced clock radios are ones that are brand named, high end, and come with a multitude of features.

Our Verdict

With such a vast selection of clock radios available, it can often be hard to find the right one for you and your needs.

To narrow this choice down, it is imperative to understand what you are primarily going to use the clock radio for.

If you are seeking an inexpensive clock that will wake up on time, then there are plenty that will fulfill that need.

If you are on the other hand looking for a clock that will provide a range of modern features such as WIFI, Bluetooth, and LED displays, then this really narrows down your choice.

When it comes to clock radios, It is worth paying that few extra dollars that will provide you with a device that will not only give you all the modern requirements but will continue to do so for a long time.