Best CB Antenna Reviews

Updated November 30, 2020

Finding the best CB antenna can be a little daunting in such a flooded market.

Before you settle on a purchase, it’s important to understand exactly what you want to use the antenna for.

If you’re hoping to attach the antenna onto a vehicle, then seeking the best mobile CB antenna is a must. If, on the other hand, you want to use the antenna at home, then a mobile CB antenna is often unnecessary. Finally, if your vehicle is likely to travel at speed or long distances, then a CB antenna whip is also a must.

The following review will help you breakdown all of the technical details when it comes to the world of CB antennas, helping you make the right decision in purchasing the best CB antenna for you.

Best CB Antennas

1 PRESIDENT ELECTRONICS - New York Magnetic Mount CB Radio Antenna
Best For Higher Budgets
President Electronics Magnetic CB Antenna
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2 Wilson - 305-38 300-Watt Little Wil Magnet Mount Antenna
Best Overall
Wilson 305-38 Little Wil CB Antenna
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Best For Low Budgets
3RoadPro 711 Magnet CB Antenna Kit
RoadPro - 711 24_ Magnet Mount Stainless Steel CB Antenna Kit
Best For Low Budgets
RoadPro 711 Magnet CB Antenna Kit
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4 Tram - 703-HC Center Load CB Antenna Kit Tram 703-HC Center Load CB Antenna Kit
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5 Midland - 18-2442 Mobile CB Antenna Midland 18-2442 Mobile CB Antenna
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1. President Electronics Magnetic CB Antenna

  • Sleek molded design for modern vehicles.
  • Magnetic base for a more secure fit. 
  • Pre-adjusted SWR so tuning isn’t necessary.
  • Comes equipped with a 12-foot cable.
Best For Higher Budgets
PRESIDENT ELECTRONICS - New York Magnetic Mount CB Radio Antenna

The President Electronics Magnetic CB Antenna is one of the best-looking antennas on the market. With a sleek and detailed design, this antenna can fit perfectly with all the curves and bends of today’s modern cars.

With a height of just under two feet, this antenna doesn’t feature the longest range compared to other models but can pick up signals within one to three miles with perfect ease and without any interference.

Installing this antenna is also simplified with the added feature of a pre-tuned SWR which is in the range of 1.1/1. This added feature, combined with its versatility, makes it one of the most popular antennas on the market today.


Approximately 1-3 miles
10 years


  • The total length is 20 inches.
  • It can also receive the weather channel.
  • Ultra-flexible, enabling it to withstand wear and tear.


  • A little on the pricier side.

2. Wilson 305-38 Little Wil CB Antenna

  • Has a capacity of 300 watts.
  • Ten-ounce magnet holds the antenna securely to the roof.
  • Little to no tuning required for a low SWR.
  • High-impact plastic construction improves weather resistance.
Best Overall
Wilson - 305-38 300-Watt Little Wil Magnet Mount Antenna

The Wilson 305-38 Little Wil is everything you could want from an antenna and incorporates some of the best technology on offer. It is also one of the smallest yet most efficient antennas you can buy, when you consider its size.

At only 36 inches tall, this aptly named Little Will is at no risk of hitting tunnels, low hanging trees, or powerlines. The inclusion of a 10-ounce magnet makes this product a lot sturdier than many competing products, even while traveling at high speeds.

Most antennas are at risk of damaging the paintwork and surfaces they are mounted on, but not with this product. The base is also constructed of high-impact plastic, keeping it in one piece and protecting it from rust.

Though one of the more expensive models on this list, every dollar is worth paying for an antenna that offers so much more than your average CB aerial.


3-4 miles
1 year


  • The low profile makes it discreet.
  • Heavy-duty coil.
  • 14-gauge copper wire provides excellent clarity.
  • Does not damage paintwork when mounted.


  • Quite expensive.

3. RoadPro 711 Magnet CB Antenna Kit

  • Center loaded design for more efficiency.
  • Equipped with a reliable coil.
  • 9 inch coax cable fits larger cars or trucks.
  • Magnetic base sticks securely to the vehicle.
Best For Low Budgets
RoadPro - 711 24_ Magnet Mount Stainless Steel CB Antenna Kit

The RoadPro 711 Magnet CB Antenna is a great model for those who are new to the world of CB antennas or have little experience in setting them up.

Combining great value for money with easy to use technology, this CB antenna is the best model for those who are hoping for that little extra boost to their CB signal. The included magnet mount means that all the user needs to do is place it in the right spot, and it works straight away.

Standing up to all forms of weather, this CB antenna is made of sturdy stuff and is definitely built to last. With a nine-foot cable, you will have no issues fixing this to even the largest of vehicles. With a range of two miles, it is not the most powerful antenna on the market, but it certainly beats the competition in price and user-friendliness.


2 miles
1 year


  • Lightweight nature makes it easy to transport and construct.
  • Strong and sturdy, will stand up to wind and rain.
  • Will boost frequency by one or two miles.
  • Great value for money.


  • The wire is a little short.

4. Tram 703-HC Center Load CB Antenna Kit

  • Long-range, up to a ten-mile radius.
  • Comes with an easy to install 3.5 magnetic mount.
  • A screw in the tunable allows for quick tuning.
  • Mount can endure winds up to 100 mph.

This model of Tram antenna is one of the most resilient out there and can withstand high winds of 80 to 100 mph. Being only two feet tall, its low center of gravity keeps the antenna securely locked in place.

Despite being so small, the antenna is more than capable of transmitting and receiving signals within a ten-mile radius – this makes it one of the best choices when it comes to distance and range.

This CB antenna is also a tunable one, meaning it can be tuned to a standing-wave radio by turning a screw. The 17ft cord that comes with this model makes it a great accompaniment to larger cars and trucks.


10 miles
1 year


  • The handy small scale at only two meters.
  • Long 17ft cord, perfect for large vehicles.
  • The low center of gravity keeps the antenna locked in place.
  • Covers all citizen band frequencies.


  • Shortness may affect the ability to adjust SWR.

5. Midland 18-2442 Mobile CB Antenna

  • Magnetic mount with center loading.
  • 17-inch antenna makes it very portable.
  • Thick stainless steel increases reception.
  • The plastic base stops corrosion.

Those who are seeking both productivity and compactness in one model should look no further than this antenna. The Midland 18-2442 offers a compact antenna ideal for tall vehicles such as trucks and 18 wheelers, especially when clearance is an issue.

Alongside its compactness, this model also has a handy easy-to-use magnetic base that fits with ease on to any vehicle. To ensure this base does not rust away, it is coated in protective plastic casing, making sure it is protected from all of the elements.

The Midland 18-2442 also features a relief spring which makes sure it does not degrade as fast as other models on the market. In short, compactness and durability are this model’s calling card.


2 miles
1 year


  • Relief spring improves the whip.
  • 16.5 ft power wire.
  • Extremely compact helps mobility.
  • Great value for money.


  • Extra adaptor needed to hook up to the radio.

CB Antenna Buying Guide


CB Antennas come in a variety of different forms, each one of them having their own unique advantages and disadvantages. The choice of material and type of construction can affect a range of qualities the antenna possesses. 

Where you can mount the product and its price also varies when it comes to different types of CB antennas, so be sure to research thoroughly before settling on a model.    

Fiberglass CB Antenna

Fibreglass CB antennas are made from one continuous fiberglass rod, with the antenna wire wrapped around the outside and underneath a plastic wrap. The antenna coil for fiberglass antennas is normally located at the very top of the device.

The advantages of having a fiberglass CB antenna include their undeniable durability and effectiveness at withstanding force. This durability makes the fiberglass antenna a great choice for 4×4’s or off-road drivers as they can withstand the vigorous driving that often comes with the 4×4 driving territory. 

Fibreglass CB antennas also have a fantastic reputation for their versatile mounting opportunities. As they can utilize any one of hundreds of mounts, they can be attached just about anywhere on a vehicle. 

The only downside to fiberglass CB antennas is its limited range compared to other types of antennas. You must also buy the mount and coax separately, unlike magnetic CB antennas.         

Magnetic CB Antenna

As the name suggests, the magnetic CB antenna utilizes a magnetic base to hold and secure the antenna to a vehicle. Coming equipped with everything you need to get up and running, the magnetic CB antenna includes a coax, magnetic mount, and whip antenna. The coil for magnetic CB antennas is located at the very base of the antenna.

The advantage of having a magnetic CB antenna includes the ability to mount it directly onto the roof of your vehicle. In doing this, you will be hard-pressed to find a more productive performance from a CB antenna anywhere.

Alongside the strong and clear signaling received from a magnetically attached antenna, the super-easy installation of this device also makes it a very popular choice. Unlike the other antenna, no special mounts or drilling is required, simply place the CB antenna on the roof of your car, and you are away.

The only major downside of having a magnetic CB antenna is you may have issues with clearing certain obstacles and its durability. The thinness of magnetic antennas means that they can be caught on low hanging trees or may even bend under the force of off-road driving.                   

Dual CB Antenna

Choosing to install dual CB antennas comes from the desire to eliminate signal blockages and give users a wider range of reach. Those driving larger vehicles, RVs, 5th wheels, or large trailers will undoubtedly experience signal blockages in certain areas, and this is where dual CB antennas come into use.

With antennas on both sides of your vehicle, you’re much less likely to have large dead spots surrounding the vehicle’s field of view. This is one of the reasons why larger 18 wheelers and trucks choose to use dual antennas, as the load would interfere with the signal and render the driver sonically blind on one side. 

When setting up dual CB antennas, it is imperative that there are at least five feet between the two antennas, anything closer will not work effectively. As well as the two antennas, users will also need a special co-phased CB coax for wiring everything together. Without these, it will simply not work.   

Best Place For CB Antenna

Deciding where best to place your CB antenna can be a difficult decision to make, and it all depends on the user’s own needs and personal preferences. 

Antennas can be mounted in a variety of places, including a vehicle’s roof, wing mirrors, bumper, trunk, and even the hood. Choosing where to put it is completely up to the user, but there are a few rules that should be followed to get the best results.  

Antennas that are mounted at the highest point possible on the vehicle are more likely to work the best and perform better than those mounted at lower points. The coil of the antenna should be placed above the roofline of the vehicle, or the signal will not be received clearly.

For the most productive antenna performance, at least half of the antenna should be above the roofline. 


Size is normally the deciding factor when it comes to choosing a CB antenna, and as a general rule, the bigger, the better. The bigger the CB antenna is then the more productive and better performing it tends to be.

The disadvantage of using a huge antenna is the inevitable clumsiness that comes with such a huge attachment to your vehicle. Using a small CB antenna may limit the signal range, but it is far more practical, especially on smaller vehicles such as cars. 

The trade-off eventually comes down to a long CB antenna that is productive yet clumsy or a short CB antenna that is practical but has a far smaller range.      


Citizen band antennas can be used for a variety of reasons, some for work and others for pleasure. The most common usage for CB antennas is to link up with fellow CB radio users on specific radio signals and keep in contact along with the wide-open roads of the country.   


The use of CB antennas by trucks and truck drivers has been commonplace for more than half a century and is still often the first choice when it comes to communication between its modern drivers.

Mounted to the huge trucks, the CB antenna will link the driver’s CB radio to fellow users. Choosing what antenna to use all depends on the size of the truck, and the bigger the truck, the better the antenna should be. It is important, for example, to have the very best CB antenna for an 18 wheeler.   


Car CB antennas can be used for both communicating with fellow users and for simply receiving FM signals as well as CB ones. Mounting a CB antenna on a car can be done from a variety of positions, and finding the right one all depends on the type of vehicle you own.


The advantage of a mobile CB antenna, as opposed to a base one, is the ability to use it inside a vehicle such as a car or truck. This added mobility in your CB antenna and radio is great for communication in convoys or with fellow CB radio users.    


Base stations, or indoor CB antennas, are perfect for when outdoor aerials and antennas are not permitted by law or by landlord agreements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best CB antenna?

Finding the best CB antenna all depends on how and where you’re going to use it. The WILSON 305-38 300-Watt Little Wil CB Antenna is often considered the best overall model for both home and mobile use.

Q: How long should my CB antenna be?

Generally speaking, the longer the CB antenna is, the better it will perform. Ideally, the antenna should be five to ten feet above the roof level to work properly.

Q: How to tune a CB antenna?

Buying and installing the antenna is only the first stage when it comes to using a CB radio. It is important to tune the CB antenna correctly before use, something that many people forget to do. The following steps will ensure you have a clear and static-free reception to your antenna and radio.

  • First, drive to an open area where there are no obstructions such as buildings, so you are able to gain an accurate reading.
  • Next, hook up the SWR meter and take a reading using both Channel 1 and Channel 40, with the goal of reaching the same SWR level, below 2.0, on both.
  • If the reading on Channel 1 is greater than the reading on Channel 40, your antenna is too short, and you’ll need to lengthen it. If the reading on Channel 1 is less than the reading on Channel 40, your antenna is too long and needs to be shortened.
Q: How to ground CB antenna?

An antenna is a metallic object that is sometimes in danger of becoming live, so it is important to take the relevant safety steps before installing it anywhere. The following steps will help you ground and mount your antenna on a vehicle.

  • Mark out the point where you want to install the set screw for the mount.
  • Bond all of the separate panels and trunk with a grounding strap.
  • Test if your multimeter is working properly.
  • Probe the point that you marked out earlier. 
  • The second probe should touch the battery’s negative terminal.
  • If the needle moves to the right, you have successfully grounded the real. If not, you need to improve the grounding or consider a different point for the mount.

Our Verdict

Finding the right antenna all depends on what the user wishes to achieve. If you are seeking durability and short-range then there is a plethora of antennas on the market that will not break the bank and can be mounted by even the most inexperienced user.

For those wishing for more significant range and power, then purchasing something in the higher echelons of the price bracket is important. When it comes to all CB antennas, it is important to remember to tune them properly before use, or even the most high-end model will not be of any use.