Best 10 Meter Ham Radio Reviews

Updated December 3, 2020

The ability to communicate with other radio operators over very long distances is an appealing prospect that draws many buyers to the world of 10-meter ham radios.

These are powerful radios which aren’t limited by the restrictions of a CB radio, meaning you can even transmit and receive signals across the world, if the conditions are right.

Whether you’re looking to buy your first 10 meter ham radio or upgrade from your existing model, there are some features that you’ll want to look out for, so read on for our buying guide that will help you understand your RF gain from your squelch control!

We’ve also done some of the research legwork for you, and reviewed some of the most popular models on the market.

Best 10 Meter Ham Radios

1 Stryker - SR-655 10 Meter Amateur Radio Stryker SR-655 10 Meter Ham Radio
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2 Connex - 3300hp 10 Meter Amateur Radio Connex 3300hp 10 Meter Ham Radio
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Best For Higher Budgets
3Galaxy DX98VHP 10 Meter Ham Radio
Galaxy - DX98VHP 200 Watt 10 Meter Radio
Best For Higher Budgets
Galaxy DX98VHP 10 Meter Ham Radio
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4 Stryker - SR-955hpc 10 Meter Amateur Radio Stryker SR-955hpc 10 Meter Ham Radio
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5 AnyTone - Smart 10 Meter Amateur Radio
Best Overall
AnyTone Smart 10 Meter Ham Radio
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6 President Richard - 50W 10 Meter Ham Radio
Best For Low Budgets
President Richard 10 Meter Ham Radio
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1. Stryker SR-655 10 Meter Ham Radio

  • High power, produces 70W PEP
  • Receiver protection to work under harsh conditions
  • Easy to mount in tight spaces with a front microphone connector
  • 7-colour frequency display

Stryker is a reputable manufacturer and this 10-meter radio delivers a solid all-round performance. It’s a high-power model with four transistors that produce 70W PEP.

There’s a seven-colour backlit face plate and you can either choose between the seven colours or let the CPU move through the colours.

There are plenty of features, such as 32-position dimmer control, advanced clarifier, and variable power and talkback control.

There’s also a seven-colour LED backlit face plate. The front microphone connector makes for easy mounting in tight spaces. The price point is great for a model of this build quality.


10 Meter 28~29 MHz
Battery Type:
Mains Powered
3 year


  • 32 position dimmer control
  • PC programmable
  • Advanced clarifier
  • Variable talkback control


  • Needs modification to be used as a CB radio
  • The mic quality could be improved

2. Connex 3300hp 10 Meter Ham Radio

  • 40W AM peak power
  • Talkback facility
  • Lights up and can be adjusted for brightness
  • Noise limiters and blankers reduce amplitude of impulse noise

This Connex radio offers solid performance and good value for money. There are six bands of radio to choose from, and it’s easy to switch between AM and FM modes.

One of the first things you might notice is this model lights up making it easier to use at night, especially on the road, and the brightness can be adjusted.

Truckers will appreciate the talkback facility and the roger beep is another great feature. The transmission quality is very good and there’s an automatic noise limiter. One note of caution, however: we noted several user reviews mentioning issues with build quality.


28.065 to 28.505 MHz


  • Dual Mosfet finals
  • Easy to switch between AM and FM modes
  • Roger beep
  • Automatic noise limiter


  • Takes some tuning and peaking to achieve the best performance
  • Needs modification to be used as a CB radio

3. Galaxy DX98VHP 10 Meter Ham Radio

  • High power (can push 200W of modulation)
  • 3 in 1 meter for easy monitoring of SWR, power, and signal strength
  • Variable talkback control
  • AM carrier adjustable from 10 to 50 watts
Best For Higher Budgets
Galaxy - DX98VHP 200 Watt 10 Meter Radio

This is a very powerful radio that can push 200W of modulation with 8 Mosfet final transistors. There are two quiet internal fans to keep the radio cool and optimise the operating time.

The blue Starlite faceplate makes it easy to read the display day or night, and the channel and frequency displays are lit with blue LEDs which have a dimmer control.

There are AM/LSB/USB modes, although no FM. The AM carrier is adjustable from 10 to 50 watts. There’s variable RF gain control to increase or decrease received signals, and talkback control, to adjust the talkback level.


28.315 - 28.755 MHz
Battery Type:
13.8V DC power
Two year limited parts and labour warranty


  • Blue LED frequency and channel display
  • AM/USB/LSB Modes
  • Two internal fans to cool the heat sink
  • Variable RF Gain Control to increase or decrease received signals


  • No FM mode
  • Higher price point than some comparable brands

4. Stryker SR-955hpc 10 Meter Ham Radio

  • Four Mosfets produce over 70W PEP
  • AM/FM/SSB operation
  • Advanced NB/ANL circuit to reduce interference
  • 32 position dimmer control

This is a lightweight CB radio, at just six pounds. It uses four Mosfet transistors that produce over 70W PEP, and there are AM, FM and SSB modes, unusual for a radio at this price point.

The LED backlit faceplate has seven colours to choose from, or you can let the CPU controller scan through the colours. The built-in mic delivers great quality sound. There’s good signal reception and the advanced NB/ANL circuit reduces interference.

An automatic calibrating SWR meter allows for precise measurements and the front microphone connector means it’s easy to mount this radio in tight spaces.


Battery Type:
13.8V DC Power Source
Three years


  • Seven-color LED backlit faceplate
  • Hi-cut noise filter
  • Receiver protection works under harsh conditions
  • Advanced clarifier


  • Roger beep cannot be customised
  • Some user reviews mention quality issues

5. AnyTone Smart 10 Meter Ham Radio

  • Low-cost amateur radio
  • Power output of 8 Watts FM/AM 
  • Compact model at just 3.9 inches wide
  • Automatic and manual squelch control
Best Overall
AnyTone - Smart 10 Meter Amateur Radio

The very low price of this AnyTone model makes it great value, and an ideal ‘starter’ 10-meter radio. You could fit this small model almost anywhere, since it measures just 3.9 inches wide.

The front panel is clear and easy to operate, with an LCD display, and buttons for automatic or manual squelch control, RF gain control, Ch9/Ch19/keypad lock and a mode/scan key.

The microphone is of reasonable quality for this price point, with a simple push to talk button on the side and up and down buttons to change channels.

For the cost of this model, we were impressed with the sound quality and the power, and it would be a great extra unit to take on the road for holidays or to tune into traffic reports.


400 channel
Battery Type:
13.2V Power Input
1 year


  • LCD display
  • RF Gain control
  • Ideal for a holiday road trip
  • Simple front panel to operate


  • Several users mention that the instruction manual isn’t very clear
  • Can be easy to accidentally bump channels up and down on the mic

6. President Richard 10 Meter Ham Radio

  • Loud but clear modulation
  • USB charging socket
  • Multi function LCD display
  • 50W PEP
Best For Low Budgets
President Richard - 50W 10 Meter Ham Radio

This compact President 10-meter radio is well-constructed and the set-up is great straight out of the box. It’s powerful, with 50W output, and has some great features, including RF gain, mic gain, squelch control and ANL filter. It offers AM and FM modes, but no SSB, and a rotary switch channel selector.

Talkback can be turned on and off and the mic feels a little flimsy but the sound quality is very good. We like the fact that there’s a USB outlet on the front of this radio, so it’s easy to charge a device on the go.


28.000 MHz to 29.700 MHz
Battery Type:
13.2V Power Input


  • Rotary switch channel selector
  • Built-in three beep roger beep
  • Talkback can be turned on and off
  • AM/FM modes


  • Instructions can be difficult to follow
  • No SSB

10 Meter Ham Radio Buying Guide

What Is a 10 Meter Radio?

A 10 meter ham radio is an amateur radio intended for long range communication. It’s important to note that a 10-meter radio is not the same as a CB radio, and isn’t designed to communicate with CB radios, so you should check whether a 10-meter radio or a CB radio is the better option for you before making a purchase. 

Because these 10-meter radios are designed to transmit over a long distance, they need to operate at a higher wattage and you must have a license to operate one. 

A 10-meter radio can offer many times the transmitting power of a CB radio, so it can be popular with people who want to step up from a CB radio, where the transmitting power is limited to 4 watts.

10 Meter Radio Range

These radios work on a 10-meter band that’s allocated for amateur use, which consists of frequencies stretching from 28.000 to 29.700 MHz. The power of a 10-meter radio means you could find yourselves communicating with people across the world. 

How far you can communicate with a 10-meter radio can heavily depend on a 11 year solar cycle. At the peak of this cycle, conditions are ideal for transmitting over very long distances, for example from the USA to Australia, or Europe. 

This is possible because of ‘sky wave’, where radio signals are reflected back towards earth from the ionosphere. This reflection can happen more than once, and wherever the signal returns to earth, it can be heard by a receiving 10-meter radio operator. 

This may be called ‘skip’ propagation, and the ‘short skip’ distance could be up to 500 miles, but when solar conditions are optimum, the sky wave can allow for communication over anything from a thousand to right the way around the world. 

10 Meter Radio to CB Conversion

CB – or ‘Citizens Band’ – radios are limited in power (to 4 watts) and communicate in the 11-meter band on 40 channels. They’re often used by truckers to communicate on the road. 

Whilst it may technically be possible to convert a 10-meter radio to a CB radio, this process isn’t straightforward and will more than likely require a radio shop to do this conversion for you. 

Before you decide to buy a 10-meter radio and convert it, you should take a look at the FCC regulations (if you’re in the USA) around this. It’s also worth considering what the benefit would be. 

CB radios are generally cheaper, so rather than spend more on a 10-meter radio and then also pay for the conversion to CB, you may find that a top-of-the-range CB radio actually suits you best and could cost less. 


It’s the power of a 10-meter radio that allows you to communicate over a long distance. Amongst the models we’ve reviewed here, the strongest can push 200W of modulation. Power is far from the only factor in determining the performance of the radio, so remember to pay as much attention to the other features. 


The range of features you’ll find on a 10-meter radio can help to deliver ‘cleaner’ communication, which will aid your use and enjoyment. Here are some of the features to look out for.

Squelch Control

When you turn on a radio, the sound that immediately comes from the speaker (often described as static) can be coming from a mix of sources, such as other conversations and interference from power transformers and nearby electronics. 

The squelch control feature on a radio effectively lets you control how strong those incomings need to be in order for you to hear them. 

If you turn the squelch control higher, you’ll hear only the strongest signals, or turn it down, and you’ll hear weaker signals, too. 

You might even want to adjust this control depending on the time of day, as there’s likely to be more ‘static’ when the sun is rising and setting, for example, because of the way this changes the ionosphere where signals are being reflected. 

In summary, squelch control allows you to filter out the weak signals creating background noise, so you can focus on the strongest signals. 

Noise Limiter

An Automatic Noise Limiter can often be referred to as ANL in product descriptions. This is a feature which helps to cut down on any electrical interference which can make it difficult to hear incoming signals clearly. 

Keeping this switch turned on at (almost) all times is recommended to minimize any unwanted interference.

RF gain

RF gain is a feature which reduces the receiver sensitivity. Unlike squelch control which limits the ‘noise’ from weaker signals, adjusting the RF gain allows you to filter out signals which are further away. This could be useful if you’re communicating with someone not too far from you, when you’d turn the RF gain down to filter out more distant signals. If you wanted to receive as many signals as possible, you’d turn the RF gain right up. 

PA feature

A PA feature allows the radio and microphone to be used as a Public Address, or PA, system. This does require a PA horn in addition to your regular kit.

Pricing Range

The price of a 10-meter radio can vary from around a few hundred dollars, to up around US$1,000. The cost will depend on a range of factors from the power output to the additional features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you need a license for a 10 meter radio?

If you decide that a 10-meter radio is the right choice for you the answer is usually yes, you will need a license! The requirements can of course vary depending on where in the world you live, but in the USA you’ll need a license from the FCC (Federal Communications Commission).

This is because of the higher power output that a 10-meter radio can have when compared to a CB radio. You should always check the requirements for the country where you’ll be buying and operating your radio.

Bear in mind that you’ll also be required to follow guidelines around using your radio, such leaving certain frequencies clear for emergency use.

Our Verdict

There are some great 10-meter radio options out there, and if you want a compact and low-cost model to try, we were very impressed by the value offered by the Anytone Smart 10-meter radio. It’s easy to use, with a simple front panel and produces great sound for the price.

For a more powerful radio with a wealth of features, we rated the Galaxy DX98VHP 200 Watt 10 Meter Radio. Galaxy is a well-known radio manufacturer and this particular model can push 200W of modulation with 8 Mosfet final transistors.

The 3 in 1 meter allows for easy monitoring of SWR, power, and signal strength and the Starlite faceplate makes the display easy to read.